Cambrios Film

Transmission and conductivity of SNW transparent conductive film can be easily tailored to your needs by simply varying coating parameters, such as wet film thickness, or by changing the initial solution formulation. The result is the ability to coat films with superior optical qualities over a broad range of sheet resistances without impacting production throughput. Further details about Cambrios film specifications can be found here.

Film Reliability

The Strongest SNW Patent Portfolio

Cambrios Film Solutions, the leader in high-quality silver nanowire materials production, is known throughout the industry for its significant patent portfolio. Cambrios Film Solutions has over 15 years of fundamental research and development of silver nanowires for mass production, with a strong commitment to IP protection from the beginning.

Cambrios is now well-positioned with a global patent portfolio of over 170 issued patents, representing the majority of patent issuances in the space. Cambrios patents cover innovations from silver nanowire synthesis and ink formulation to coated transparent conductive films and sensor devices.