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Recognized for Innovation, Cambrios Demonstrates Industry-first MOS Film Technology

Cambrios Film Solutions was awarded the “Flexible Display Material of the Year Special Contribution Award” at Display China 2019, the culmination of many years of research and development in silver nanowire (SNW) technology.

The leading brand in SNW conductive film manufacturing, Cambrios owns the largest SNW manufacturing base, and the greatest number of core patents, making it a key player in the supply chain. Spencer Ho, Cambrios VP of Sales and Marketing, commented that Cambrios has been devoted to SNW research since 2005. Cambrios’ outstanding R&D and technology team, and comprehensive global patent portfolio, from material to module, gives its clients comprehensive patent protection and peace-of-mind.

Also yesterday, at the Global Display Elite Summit 2019, Hugh Lien, Cambrios Director of R&D, gave an invited talk in which he introduced Cambrios’ industry-first MOS (Metal on Silver Nanowire) film technology. In this product stack, no additional protective coating layer is required for the metal and silver nanowires. Mass production of a MOS touch sensor is also accomplished easily through double-sided patterning. Cambrios’ MOS technology will spur innovation of SNW-based flexible touch sensors applications and enable higher-speed manufacturing of such devices.

Spencer Ho, Cambrios VP of Sales and Marketing, receives the "Flexible Display Material of the Year Special Contribution Award" on behalf of Cambrios.

Hugh Lien, Cambrios Director of R&D, gives an invited talk introducing MOS film technology.