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Glamorous Transformation of Cambrios! Leading New Generation’s Material Science Integration and Application

Since founded 16 years ago, Cambrios Film Solutions(Cambrios) has transformed from the development and synthesis of silver nanowires(SNW) into the manufacturer of SNW films. Successfully gained critical acclaim and favor from the industry, Cambrios spare no effort in thinking about how to convert rich technology and experience into solutions to provide customers with better services and quality.

Therefore, Cambrios has re-adjusted its market positioning to “Life Changing Materials” to turn itself into a brand that leads the materials science integration and application. With materials integration as the backbone, Cambrios focuses on the application development of touch, optical, and healthcare for higher-value products and services. In December 2020, we announced a brand-new corporate identity (CI) to mark the start of a new milestone.
In the brand-new CI, the color blue is the key vision symbolizing knowledge and wisdom. Also stands for generosity to accept talented persons and high-end technologies. Overall, this clean design expresses Cambrios' aim to bring people a convenient lifestyle with high-end technology.

Cambrios values the rights and interests of our partners, customers, and consumers. Aims to become a trusted partner of customers with professional technology, rich experience, core patents, and strong leadership. Continuingly provides better product options to realize the imaginary future life and create higher value with customers.

Cambrios Film Solutions