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Core technology revealed, Cambrios won the affirmation award

“After devoted to SNW material research for over 15 years, Cambrios took a leap on mass production and flexible technique in 2019, and awarded the Touch & Display Industry Materials Enterprise Annual Award.”
The grand finale exhibition in the industry of touch and display, C-Touch & Display Shenzhen 2019, was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Numerous exhibitors showed their new techniques and products. Attendees came from multiple professional fields including touch panels, display, cell phones, automobiles, films, and tapes.

As the leader of SNW manufacturing, Cambrios exhibited various specifications of film rolls in different width and substrates, including width 1250mm and 500mm of SNW film and MOS film (Metal on Silver Nanowire film), which can fulfill recent market needs, such as super-large size products and flexible touch applications. Visitors were amazed by the details of patterns of roll to roll technique after they saw the amplified MOS film through electronic microscopes. As for the flexible MOS sensor demo, it showed its remarkable optical characteristics with a super-thin stack, also has very good performance when using on small size foldable sensors. On the other hand, Cambrios showed 86” IWB as the large size application demonstration. The touch experience was amazingly fluent under different modes and especially the performance of multi-touch. As we can see, the SNW film of Cambrios can offer the best solutions for all sizes.

Meanwhile, Dr. CC Hsiao, CEO of Cambrios was invited to make a speech at “Shenzhen International Display and Touchscreen Elite Summit 2019”. Under the topic “Silver Nanowire, a touch solution for all sizes”, the core technology of MOS film was analyzed, not only its remarkable optical characteristics but its superior foldability made a limit breakthrough on narrow border technique, also made MOS film of Cambrios the best material choice in this industry. As for saving costs, Cambrios can help to produce MOS film with origin ITO production equipment, only to change the high selective etchant chemical, and the custom MOS films can be easily made.

In sum, after receiving on-site information, we can see the scale of touch and display industry is still growing, some end product brand has already released the news that they will have multiple growths on shipment, and the requirement of SNW material is definitely growing fast with the market. Cambrios won the affirmation and awarded the “Touch & Display Industry Materials Enterprise Annual Award” this year. Will keep the effort on promoting SNW material, hope everyone in this supply chain can work together, take this industry to the next level.