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Cambrios is Ready: Touch Solutions for Flexible and Super Large Electronics

Touch Taiwan 2019 had its grand opening on August 28th in Taipei, gathering the majority of display-related supply chain players, including many from the optoelectronic, semiconductor, and smart manufacturing sectors. Combining the above with representatives from new technology fields like AI, IoT, and big data put even more application possibilities and business opportunities on display. Key speakers from enterprise also shared the latest in applications, markets, and future trends.
Cambrios Film Solutions CEO, Dr. CC Hsiao, gave an invited talk at the “Highly Functional Materials for New Display Application Seminar.” As the leader in silver nanowire manufacturing technology, Cambrios is coming up on 15 years of research in the field. Beyond Cambrios’ high-performance, reliable SNW film, Cambrios recently released its MOS (Metal on SNW) Film to the market, which retains the remarkable optical characteristics of SNW film. MOS Film also provides remarkable bendability and stretchability, making it a better material for use in flexible touch panels.


With the recent rise of flexible touch displays, mobile brands are taking note of consumer expectations for small- and medium-sized flexible touch devices. Dr. CC Hsiao used his speech to highlight Cambrios’ MOS film total solution uses production equipment compatible with MOI (Metal on ITO). A simple switch to high selectivity etchant provided by Cambrios allows customers to jump into MOS film with double-sided patterning immediately. No heating is required during the etching process, expanding the process window for two-step patterning processes. SNW and copper are not damage by the other’s etchant, allowing line/space CD bias to be controlled to within 5%. As such, Cambrios is enabling manufacturers to catch the wave of flexible touch display technology.


2019 can now be considered the first year of SNW industrialization with greater market attention on small- and medium-sized flexible touch displays, and increased IWB market demand. As the leader of silver nanowire manufacturing technology, Cambrios remains positive about the future of the SNW market. Cambrios looks forward to discovering new win-win SNW applications with its industry partners through research and promotion.