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Cambrios insists on the most powerful patents and defends the sustainable development of the silver nanowire industry!

CN'362 is 100% claims valid continuously

Cambrios Film Solutions (Cambrios) successfully safeguards the basic patent for its silver nanowire technology: Chinese Patent ZL200680038150.5 (Issue Notification No. 101292362B, hereafter called CN'362) to deny the determination of the request for its invalidation and confirm that the patent is 100% valid (88 claims) continuously. Silver nanowire technology has been widely used in supersized interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and small-sized foldable touch panels in recent years, with demanding market requirements including transmittance >88% and resistivity <1000 Ohm. The scope of CN'362 not only covers the manufacture of silver nanowires used on transparent conducting films upstream but also includes the silver nanowires used on all touch products in the market, with unassailable power. The current judgment also indirectly proves that CN'362 is an important precursor of transparent conductors using silver nanowires.

The rebuttal of this suit includes the testimony of leading Chinese field expert Younan Xia with years of research experience in silver nanowire winning numerous awards at home and abroad. In this suit, Xia’s support for Cambrios is like Icing on the cake, suggesting that the originality of CN'362 has earned the recognition of the academy.


Claim Category Profiles Survival
1-34 Conducting Film Transparent conducting films using silver nanowires with transmittance>85% and surface resistivity at 10-1000Ω O
35-75 Manufacturing Method Methods for manufacturing such transparent conducting films O
76-80 Conducting Film Including the laminated structure of such transparent conducting films O
81-88 Display Devices Including the display devices of such transparent conducting films O

Source: Risk and Legal Compliance, LWF Group

CN'595 85% claims valid continuously

In addition, Chinese Patent ZL201280041962.0 (Issue Notification No.103889595B, hereinafter called CN’595) is partially invalid. As this technology adjusts the ratio of RTD (directional resistance of width)/RMD (directional resistance of machine coating) of transparent conducting films using silver nanowires by side blowing, although the pros consider Cambrios’ innovation and originality, as the no experimental materials supporting the claims have been cited in the patent specification, 3 of the 23 claims are invalidated. In addition, part of claim 1 is invalidated (origin RTD/RMD=1-1.5, restricted to1.2-1.5). However, the manufacturing methods have covered all mass production processes and the processes controlling anisotropy, and adequate power is maintained.

Claim Category Objective and Distinguishing Features Survival
1-8 Manufacturing Method Adjustment of the RTD/RMD ratio of transparent conducting films byside-blowing O
9-13 Conducting Film Conducting films manufactured with claims 1-8 O
14-18 Manufacturing Method Adjustment of the RTD/RMD ratio of transparent conducting films byside-blowing O
19 Conducting Film Conducting films manufactured with claims 14-18 O
20 Conducting Film Conducting films below RTD/RMD=2 X
21 Conducting Film Conducting films of RTD/RMD=1-1.5 Ø
22-23 Conducting Film RTD evenness X

Source: Risk and Legal Compliance, LWF Group

Currently, the demand for silver nanowire is escalating, whether IWBs or small-sized soft-screen touch panels. In the future, more comprehensive product applications will be developed. Therefore, Cambrios is making active patent deployment at three levels:

Adhering to respect for patents, Cambrios emphasizes the protection of R&D outcomes with patents, optimizes market order of the overall industry, and says no to undue patents, such as exaggerated, twisted, or non-compliant patents. Cambrios has overcome many patent challenges to prove that we have the earliest, most powerful, and most comprehensive patent portfolio. With an open license for IP rights implementation, we create common good and a win-win situation for the industry.


About Cambrios

With 16 years of experience and expertise in the R&D of silver nanowires, Cambrios is recognized as the bellwether of silver nanowire and the earliest team to successfully mass-produce silver nanowires. Whether from the synthesis of silver nanowires to the manufacturing process of transparent conducting films using silver nanowires, Cambrios has fully captured the advantages and pain points of materials and can manufacture stable and high-quality products with high-end process technology. So far, Cambrios has acquired over 307 patents and is recognized by the industry for the superior optical performance and conductivity of its SNW films. Today, Cambrios is the top choice in the industry.