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Cambrios (Xiamen) Officially Founded as The Largest Silver Nanowire Manufacturing Facility

Cambrios officially opened doors on its new factory with TPK in Tong'an, Xiamen on April 25th.

This new production facility has a total floor area of 3,500m2, and produces coating-and patterning-related materials including silver nanowire (SNW) inks, overcoats, and hard coats. Expected to produce 7,000L of SNW ink per month, the new manufacturing facility can generate over 700,000m2 of SNW coated film, the equivalent of 35 million smartphones, or 230,000 super-large (above 65") touch screens.

At the ceremony, reporters invited Spencer Ho, Cambrios Vice President of Sales, to comment on the new factory in Xiamen and SNW market trends. Mr. Ho indicated that Cambrios, as the leading SNW brand, chose to locate their new SNW mass production facility in Xiamen, not only to improve supply chain integration but also to better serve the needs of the Chinese market. Per Mr. Ho, Cambrios also established a new sales office in Shenzhen this year, showing their determination to increase SNW penetration into the Chinese market.

Ho further pointed to a variety of flexible touch product solutions coming out of Chinese and overseas phone and panel manufacturers this year, and these solutions evidence SNW material as a key development focus. Cambrios itself was the pioneer in advancing the commercial development of SNW starting in 2005 and owns the earliest and largest portfolio of SNW patents. However, Ho stressed that while Cambrios has the largest number of patents, they are actively seeking to increase the number of authorized suppliers using the patents. For example, Cambrios signed a five-year cross-license agreement with Nuovo Film last year, covering about 150 patents in total. Ho encouraged companies in the supply chain to respect each other's patents, with the aim of strengthening the SNW ecosystem. Responding to concerns about the cross-license or leakage of key technologies, Ho clarified that the current license is only a license to patents and does not involve technology or manufacturing transfer.

All told, Cambrios' global portfolio of SNW patents represents 70% of patents in the space or 188 patents as of April 2019, covering China, the United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea. The patents run the gamut from nanowire synthesis to transparent films and end products like touch sensor modules. Users of Cambrios' SNW products enjoy comprehensive patent protection and peace-of-mind.