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Cambrios' R&D Directors Present Latest Silver Nanowire Technology

Cambrios' R&D directors, Hugh Lien and YC Chang reported on SNW flexible touch at the "2019 Display Touch and Application Material Forum" and "ICDT."

TPK and Cambrios' SNW technology have gained recognition and attention in the industry, and signs of SNW adoption are being seen in many upcoming products. Cambrios is driving a new global touch revolution with its industry-leading breakthroughs in SNW technology.

Cambrios has been devoted to silver nanowire research since 2004 and owns the earliest and most original patents to the technology. All told, Cambrios' global portfolio of SNW patents represents 70% of patents in the space, over 186 in number, covering China, the United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea. The patents run the gamut from nanowire synthesis to transparent films and end products like touch sensor modules. Users of Cambrios' SNW products enjoy comprehensive patent protection and peace-of-mind.

Source: TrendBank