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Cambrios Enters Strategic Partnership with Winsky

Winsky Industry (Shenzhen) and Cambrios Film Solutions are announcing today a new strategic partnership. The two world leaders are joining up to develop optimal solutions for electronic materials applications in new technology markets.
Winsky, part of the CN Innovations conglomerate, is focused on touch display development and applications, and owns core technologies that make it the industry leader. Cambrios is the world’s pioneer in SNW materials, owns the world’s largest SNW manufacturing base, the most fundamental and core SNW patents, and is a key player in the supply chain.
On the basis of mutual respect for IP, Winsky and Cambrios will develop a new generation of touch display solutions, and work together to bring Cambrios’ latest SNW technology to Winsky’s current and future product lines, expanding the use of SNW technology, and enhancing product quality.


About Cambrios
Cambrios, established in 2004, is a global leader and innovator in SNW film technology. Cambrios has over 200 patents in the SNW space, covering technologies from nanowire materials, to manufacturing processes, and touch display modules, giving customers comprehensive IP protection.

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Sarah Chen
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