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Cambrios Enters Strategic Partnership with Royole

Trend Bank recently held the world’s first silver nanowire (“SNW”) technology forum in Shenzhen, China, bringing together key suppliers in the SNW supply chain for in-depth technological discussion. As organizer of the event, Cambrios Film Solutions introduced its MOS (Metal on Silver Nanowire, including copper, silver, etc.) film product. MOS film is designed to meet the needs of touch sensors for flexible phones with OLED displays. The breakthrough product immediately caught the attention of participants, and today, Cambrios is officially announcing its new strategic partnership with Royole, pioneer of the world’s first released and mass-produced flexible phone.

Royole and Cambrios Strategic Partnership
Royole and Cambrios signed today a strategic partnership memorandum of understanding, by which the two leading companies will work together to build optimized customer experience solutions for flexible electronics.
Royole is the current leader in flexible phones, creator of the world’s first mass produced, fully flexible display and the world’s first mass produced foldable phone. Royole is focused on research and development, manufacture and sales of flexible electronics, next-generation human-computer interfaces, and Internet of Things (“IoT”) technologies and products. Cambrios is the world’s pioneer in SNW materials, owns the world’s largest SNW manufacturing base, and is a key player in the supply chain.
The companies are aligned in their mutual respect for intellectual property, and desire to perfect the technology and product experience for customers. Against this background, Royole and Cambrios are joining forces to develop a new generation of customer experience solutions for foldable phones. They are committed to bringing the latest technology to foldable product lines, expanding the use of SNW technology, and enhancing the overall customer experience in foldable phones.


About Cambrios
Cambrios, established in 2004, is a global leader and innovator in SNW film technology. Cambrios has over 200 patents in the SNW space, covering technologies from nanowire materials, to manufacturing processes, and touch display modules, giving customers comprehensive IP protection.

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