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BOE Interactive White Boards Officially Announced; SNW Revealed as Behind-the-Scenes Enabler

March 29, 2019 -- TPK and Cambrios held their SNW technology forum in Shenzhen in October 2018, in which they stoked market expectations by announcing their new SNW touch solution and vertically-integrated SNW service offerings.

The market did not need to wait long, as, on March 29, BOE announced 65", 75" and 86" IWBs with SNW touch functionality provided by TPK and Cambrios, a strong showing of industry support for SNW. TPK CEO Leo Hsieh emphasized that TPK's cooperation with Cambrios, the world's first SNW material supplier to the touch sensor market, enables a complete vertically-integrated solution, from materials to sensors to touch panels. TPK is also building a dedicated SNW production base that incorporates advanced 1600mm ultra-wide film technology in a vertically-integrated facility. The facility features reliability testing, including UV, high temperature, and high humidity tests with stringent quality standards and product verification, and houses a nationally-certified laboratory. Monthly output at the facility is projected to be 180,000 65"-100" touch panels.

Compared to infrared touch, SNW has the advantages of long life, high signal-to-noise ratio, and high responsiveness, and can significantly improve the IWB user experience. SNW further exceeds the performance and applicability of both ITO and metal mesh, making it the best solution for IWB products.