Quality and Environmental Policies
  • Quality Policy
  • Environmental Policy
Quality Policy
  • q01
    Overall Quality Control

    Quality should be manufactured in products instead of being obtained via inspection. Only if the concept of high quality is deeply planted in the whole company, the goals of overall QC, quality first and excellent quality can be achieved.

  • q02
    Innovative R&D

    Constantly improve, innovate, research, and develop the company from the perspective of the product, technology, management, marketing, service, culture, and organization to keep stabilizing and enhancing the overall quality of broad sense.

  • q03
    Customer Satisfaction

    Self-expect to be the service provider in the manufacturing industry. Cooperate with the business need of customers and constantly improve customer satisfaction, with the aim of ensuring the continuous development of the enterprise.

Environmental Policy

The Company formulates the following environmental policies in order to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, prevent pollution, protect the environment, provide employees with a better working environment and living space, and spare no efforts to comply with and implement the various requirements of the international management system.

  • en01
    Overall Environmental Protection

    Everyone should achieve environmental protection in every aspect.

  • en02
    Energy Saving and Waste Reduction

    Save energy and recycle waste.

  • en03
    Regulation Compliance

    Understand and observe the law. Promote environmental protection.

With the aim of achieving the above-mentioned policies, the Company makes the following commitment to the environmental protection work:

Continue to organize training and promotions for employees and properly disclose our environmental policies to customers to accomplish the CSR.

  • o01
    Observe the environmental protection law and fulfill the CSR
  • o02
    Implement energy savings and waste reduction and promote recycling
  • o03
    Advocate the education on environmental protection and preserve nature ecology
  • o04
    Prevent environmental pollution and maintain the diversity of creatures
  • o05
    Perform regular audits and reviews and fortify environmental protection systems